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Pool Service Sunshine Coast

A pool is a significant investment, and it seems a shame that for most of the year it is unused as the water is too cold.

Alto Pacific can provide a complete service to upgrade or repair your pool shell, surrounds, filtration and heating system using the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Alto Pacific can offer a full maintenance schedule, including facility maintenance and life cycle reporting, repairs, regular pool maintenance, and emergency service.

Commercial Pool Repair

Alto Pacific’s recent major commercial pool repairs include:

  • Dalby Aquatic Centre – repairing a significant leak
  • Aitkenvale State School – replace underground pool pipework, replace concourse, sandblast and repaint pool, convert pool to salt water
  • Beerwah Aquatic Centre – replace the old sand filter with Neptune Benson Defender filter
  • Mountain Creek State School – replace program pool heat pump
  • Doomadgee State School – sandblast and repaint the pool
  • Blackbutt State School – replace pool coping with granite paving stones
  • Sarina State School – replace the old filtration system
  • Junction Park State School – leak detection and repair

Why Choose Alto Pacific for your Commercial Pool Repair?

  • 20 years’ experience in the pool industry
  • QBCC open builders license
  • Fully insured
  • Skilled workforce
  • Able to travel anywhere
  • Full warranty on work
  • Government preferred supplier

Detailed Pool Service & Maintenance

Maintaining and taking care of commercial pools is essential to prevent injuries, illnesses, and infections. Pool care involves more than just keeping the water clean. Keeping your pool clean and uncontaminated requires regular maintenance.

We offer commercial pool maintenance services for schools, universities, resorts, public pools, and other commercial properties with pools and water features.

Our commercial pool services are tailored to ensure that your pool looks great all year round while operating smoothly. Regardless of the size, we provide exceptional services for all commercial pools, including inspections, troubleshooting, repairs, and routine maintenance.

Importance of Timely Pool Services

Public pools must be cleaned, maintained, and serviced on a timely basis under the Public Health Act 2005 so they don’t pose a risk to the public.

Germs like crypto, E. coli, and giardia can present themselves in public pools where chlorine and pH levels are not high enough. The last thing any business, educational institution or government body needs is a contaminated pool that makes people unwell, which is a big reason why timely cleaning, service and maintenance are essential.

It is essential to keep the water in your swimming pool clean, clear, and balanced to keep swimmers safe from contaminants. Having regular services and maintenance will also ensure no elements of your commercial pool can cause injury or accidents.

A full maintenance schedule can be provided by Alto Pacific, including facility maintenance, life cycle reports, repairs, and regular pool maintenance to ensure your pool is clean, safe and compliant.

Why Regular Maintenance Can Save Costs

Besides protecting your pool from corrosion and mineral build-up, you will also prolong the life of your pool equipment. By maintaining your swimming pool regularly, you can avoid having a damaged pool that needs hefty maintenance costs to revitalise it.

Your pool is a perfect place for algae to grow, thanks to the decomposing leaves and twigs floating there. As a result, a pool’s floor can become encrusted with algae even though it may not look threatening. As the algae grow and multiply, cracks will open up, and water will leak through, causing extensive damage to the pool’s structure.

Filtration in a pool keeps the water clear by removing smaller pieces of debris. It is imperative to keep this important component clean and functioning properly to avoid creating murky water that’s unsafe for swimming. Dirt particles can also enter your system and ruin the components of your pool if you don’t clean out the filter regularly.

Get In Touch For Quality Pool Services

We have over 20 years of experience in pool heating, maintenance and filtration, and we have worked on major Queensland pools, including school and aquatic centres. We service everything we sell and are licenced and insured for your protection.

Our skilled technicians are available to travel, and we offer a full warranty on all of our products and services. Don’t wait for your commercial pool to become faulty, damaged or for it to malfunction; book a regular maintenance schedule with us today.

Why Choose Alto Pacific?

At Alto Pacific, we started life as a commercial swimming pool heating company. Over the years, we have expanded our service offering, as we continue to supply schools, resorts, theme parks, and council infrastructure with heating, filtration, and maintenance solutions to this day.

  • We have over 20 years’ experience in pool heating, maintenance and filtration.
  • We service everything we sell.
  • We specialise in both commercial and domestic pool solutions.
  • We offer full service, turnkey solutions: service and maintenance, solar heating systems, water filtration, and pool heat pumps.
  • Our team are 100% committed to every project.
  • No matter how cold it may be in winter, or how hot in summer, we ensure your swimming pool is climate controlled to your desired temperature by providing tailor-made solutions to your requirements.

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