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Commercial Solar Heating

At Alto Pacific, our promise to our clients is to provide climate control options for all swimming pools; cost effectively extending your swimming season to ensure maximum use of your commercial pool.

With expert, qualified, and licensed tradespeople, our staff can provide an ongoing servicing and diagnosis of your pool equipment and heating system over the life of your facilities.

The longevity of this system is exceptional, easily lasting 10+ years withstanding the harsh Australian sun.

At Alto Pacific, we are committed to delivering to you superior service and product:

  • We only use Australian made Nitrol tubing, not rubber based products that breakdown when exposed to UV light.
  • We only use Australian Waterco pumps, a leading global brand in the industry.
  • Our solar strip collector matting has been on the market for over 20 years, with regular testing to ensure its reliability and durability.
  • Alto Pacific has over 20 years’ experience in pool heating, servicing everything that we sell.

Our list of happy clients includes Australia Zoo, Valley swimming pool, Maroochydore Aquatic Centre, Tallebudgera Recreation Centre, and many South East Queensland schools.


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Make Use Of Your Commercial Pool All Year Round!

One of the biggest problems when owning and operating an outdoor swimming pool, even in Australia, is what happens when the weather turns and winter sets in. A cold pool can turn customers away, but closing for the winter isn’t an option, and heating the pool artificially can cost an absolute fortune. But not if you use solar heating instead! Heating a pool using the power of the sun takes almost all of the cost out of keeping your pool warm, even when it’s cloudy, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature at any time of year. So how does it work? Let’s take a look.

Solar Hot Water System On Rooftop

Solar Pool Heating in the Sunshine Coast

Unlike traditional heating sources like gas or electric boilers, solar heating uses a heat pump to convert the sun’s rays into useable heat at any time of year. It does this like a refrigerator pump, taking the heat from the sun to warm special refrigerant gases which can then be warmed even more by compressing them, converting a small amount of heat into a large amount of heat which then warms your pool water as it is pumped through. This means that instead of heating a huge amount of water with a gas fire or electric element, all you need to pay for is the tiny amount of electricity that the pump and the compressor use.

Efficiency & Cost Effective

So now you know how it works, but why should you choose solar heating over the other options for your commercial pool? First of all, there is a massive price difference when it comes to solar vs traditional power. A solar heat pump uses little electricity during the year in the Australian sun, while that figure balloons to over when you are powering a pool heater straight from the grid. It’s also really easy to maintain, and with very few moving parts involved it can last upwards of 20 years with not much maintenance. Even better, you’re not going to get stung by future costs. Solar energy will stay free no matter what happens in the outside world, while the price of gas, electricity and oil will continue to rise.

Commercial Solar Heating Solutions

As with any product the quality of the finished article is only as good as the person who installed it, which is why you need to choose the best, Alto Pacific. We have decades of experience in installing solar heating systems for private and commercial pools, using only the finest materials such as our own solar strip collector and high quality Australian made nitrol tubing, guaranteed not to waste and break in the harsh Australian sun. We also only use high quality Australian made WaterCo water pumps, and everything we use is tested regularly to ensure that it really is the best available option on the market, not just the cheapest or the easiest to get hold of.

Solar Hot Water System

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Why Choose Alto Pacific?

At Alto Pacific, we started life as a commercial swimming pool heating company. Over the years, we have expanded our service offering, as we continue to supply schools, resorts, theme parks, and council infrastructure with heating, filtration, and maintenance solutions to this day.

  • We have over 20 years’ experience in pool heating, maintenance and filtration.
  • We service everything we sell.
  • We specialise in both commercial and domestic pool solutions.
  • We offer full service, turnkey solutions: service and maintenance, solar heating systems, water filtration, and pool heat pumps.
  • Our team are 100% committed to every project.
  • No matter how cold it may be in winter, or how hot in summer, we ensure your swimming pool is climate controlled to your desired temperature by providing tailor-made solutions to your requirements.

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