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Commercial Heat Pumps

If you want to gain maximum use of your pool services all year round, then a heat pump from Alto Pacific is the perfect solution; offering an unrivalled combination of performance and economy.

Alto Pacific heat pumps have had design input by our own service and support staff to ensure they can be easily serviced and maintained in the future. Alto Pacific’s heat pumps have stainless steel or ABS UV stabilised plastic cabinets to suit the damp, coastal environment of Australia.  Alto Pacific don’t install inferior quality heat pumps that are powder-coated as these are made from mild steel that will rust in a short period of time due to poor powder coating practices in countries of manufacture.

Alto Pacific’s Australian warehouse stocks all major components, including fans, compressors, heat exchangers, etc. In the event of warranty or service repairs Alto Pacific can readily ship replacement parts to our local service agents all over Australia to get your unit up and running as quickly as possible.

Our list of happy clients include Australia Zoo, Maroochydore Aquatic Centre, Tallebudgera Recreation Centre, Tassie Pools and The Queensland Department of Education.

Get in touch with our friendly team at Alto Pacific today, and find why we are leading professionals in the commercial pool sector.

pool heating products, filtration, and services for both domestic and commercial projects

Our clients and team have had input into the design, component selection and construction of the Alto Pacific heat pump range to make them the most reliable heat pump we have ever seen in our 20 years in the pool heating industry.  Alto Pacific undertake a detailed analysis of your pools climatic conditions using software developed at the University of NSW to ensure the correct sized heat pump is specified for your unique requirements. Our installations only use commercial quality hardware, valves and fittings to provide you an extremely reliable heating system.

As a company we have the following capabilities:

  • Heat load reports showing sizing and running costs
  • Pool heating design and configurations
  • Custom heat pump manufacture
  • Heat pump installation and hydraulics
  • Custom duct and basement installations
  • Domestic and commercial solar design and installation
  • Service and repairs to all brands of heat pumps
  • Project management of electrical and hydraulic installations
  1. Alto Pacific’s 90 KW to 250KW heat pumps are top discharge better suited to commercial installations than side discharge units. Exhaust air is mixed by the fans approx. 2 to 3m above the ground resulting in negligible impact on condenser air temperature.
  2. Alto Pacific’s 90 KW to 250 KW heat pumps are tall by design and feature high mount V shaped condenser coils. This design reduces the effect/occurrence of re-entry of cold exhaust air.  Vertical low to the ground condenser coils in poorly designed heat pumps pick up the cold air that has fallen to ground level causing icing of condensers.  NB frost only occurs in nature close to the ground where the air is coldest
  3. All Alto Pacific heat pumps have extremely efficient and effective defrost systems removing the cost of installing duct work on top of outdoor installations.
  4. Alto Pacific heat pumps feature inbuilt intelligent controllers removing the expense for additional external controllers and cabling. The controllers take care of phase protection, surge protection, compressor staging and duty cycle, circulation pump sampling, defrost parameters and cycling, operational timer, temperature differentials etc.
  5. Alto Pacific heat pump controllers also feature master-slave operation to allow a designated master unit to control the slave units. This avoids uneven operating hours of unlinked heat pumps where one unit does all the work and the others rarely turn on.
  6. Altopacific heat pumps have a longer and more comprehensive warranty than most manufacturers. Spare parts are available from Alto Pacific’s Sunshine Coast Head Office.

What to look for in your heat pump?

It is important to be aware of variations between pump outputs and providers.

Some companies make their units appear more powerful by manipulating wet bulb, dry bulb and dew point temperatures by utilising a 24 – 27 degrees air temperature scale A key rule to remember when researching pool-heating pumps is to ask the supplier about the output details. If a supplier cannot tell you the power output during a typical Australian winter temperature, then don’t buy their machine.

At Alto Pacific, we rate the power output of our heat pump units using a 15-degree air temperature scale so that when your heat pump needs to work at it hardest during winter it is up to the task.

pool heating products, filtration, and services for both domestic and commercial projects

How a heat pump works

Heat Pump Design and Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Cabinets.
  • Marine grade aluminium C section/tube welded chassis and/or 316 stainless tube.
  • High density rubber anti-vibration mounts between heat pump and slab
  • 316 stainless steel screws and hardware
  • Cabinet bolts for all panels, not self tapping screws or spot welding
  • Inbuilt intelligent electronic digital controller system
  • Circulation pump control for water temperature sampling
  • 0.5 degree differential for optimum performance and pool temperature maintenance.
  • Operation lock out timer for use with Tariffs
  • Intelligent multi unit staging where a master heat pump controls the operation of other slave heat pumps
  • Compressor circuit staging for low start draw, equal start time and equal run time
  • Sanyo scroll compressors
  • Low Noise fan operation
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Reverse Cycle operation (Heat and Cool modes)
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Easy accessible plumbing connections


Alto Pacific’s heat pumps have a 5-year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger tubing, 3 years compressor warranty, 2 years parts warranty and 1 year labour warranty on installation.  Spare parts stock of compressors, fans, heat exchangers, controllers etc are held locally on the QLD Sunshine Coast.  Optional extended warranty for a full 5 years parts and labour are available on request.

Why choose Alto Pacific?

At Alto Pacific, we started life as a commercial swimming pool heating company. Over the years we have expanded our service offering, as we continue to supply schools, resorts, theme parks, and council infrastructure with heating, filtration, and maintenance solutions to this day.

  • We have over 20 years’ experience in pool heating, maintenance and filtration.
  • We service everything we sell.
  • We specialise in both commercial and domestic pool solutions.
  • We offer full service, turn key solutions: service and maintenance, solar heating systems, water filtration, and pool heat pumps
  • Our team are 100% committed to each and every project.
  • No matter how cold it may be in winter, or how hot in summer, we ensure your swimming pool is climate controlled to your desired temperature by providing tailor made solutions to your requirements.

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